Thursday, December 10, 2009

Savoia's Lives On!

I got this email yesterday
Hi David, My name is Lisa Zagami (Favazza) My dad had a bakery on Catherine street years ago. I was wondering if you remembered it and would you know him. His name is Anthony Favazza (sonny).

I did some googling and discovered Lisa has this business
Made in Heaven Cakes was developed from a childhood inspiration. Lisa's father, Anthony Favazza, owned the successful Savoia Bakery in New York City and it was there that Lisa learned the business and decided then that she would one day open her own specialty cake shop.
In 1995 that dream came true. Along with her husband Victor and her design team, Made in Heaven Cakes was created and has flourished over 10 years creating beautiful wedding and specialty cakes for their customers.
Their experiences from their culinary and art school education enabled them to incorporate current trends, designs and colors to create a variety of artistic cakes to make their customers events special and unforgettable.
Lisa works closely with her clients to customize a cake that expresses who they are and of course, what works with the overall wedding design.
Made in Heaven Cakes
530 Third Ave., nr. 13th St., Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-788-2727


lisa said...

Love that picture! Lisa

Ken said...

In the late 1960s, I went to P.S. 1, across the street from Savoia. In the early 1970s, I went to J.H.S. 65 Annex, just two blocks further away. The neighborhood was already very Chinese, and so the bakery had many Chinese customers, of whom I was one who occasionally ventured in for sweet pastries and birthday cakes. I can still imagine biting into a Savoia cream puff, my favorite! Lisa, it is possible I ran into you a few times in the store at the time but never talked to you, but I am glad to hear that you stayed in the business and opened up your own cake shop as an adult! And thanks to Sol for this website for evoking the nostalgia of growing up in and around Knickerbocker Village!

virginia linares said...

Hi, my name is Virginia Linares (Rudolph) My mother Linda, worked at Savoia's around 1956/57 and we lived above the baker on the 4th floor. I always wondered what happened to the family and where the moved to. I also went to P.S. 1 across the street.

Shirley Ng said...

Love, love, loved Savioa's cream puffs and my summertime favorite, the homemade Italian ices!! oh, I so miss them. Who was the lady with the long finger nails behind the counter? She was just a sweet lady! When did Savoia close?

NoDayAtTheBeach said...

Was looking through some old photos of the days I lived on Henry Street and played in PS1 and saw in the background of one a shot Savoia's.

Man, that place sure brought back some memories. To this day even, whenever old friends from the neighborhood get together and reminisce, sooner or later that great place will come up.

I remember esp. in the summer I would go for the Italian ices in the white fluted paper cups. My favorite cookie was the white one with I think what looked like dark chocolate drizzled on it and of course the rainbow cookies.

Each and every birthday, no matter who it was for we ordered our cake there. My favorite was with banana in the filling. I have never had (still) to this day better cake..the great great cake..the cream ummm!

BTW, I ran into one of the faces I recognized from behind the counter of Savoia's years later in the late 60's early 70's when I was working around Wall Street. I'm pretty sure his name was Mike but I could be wrong. We used to say hello to each other all the time when I would go into 120 Broadway. He worked in the lobby as I think an elevator starter.

Anonymous said...

I remember a baker at Savoia Bakery. I think his name was Mike Picolo. My aunt lived on Madison street and when I visited her with my dad, we always went to the bakery. Everything was delicious. I loved the tarales.

Anonymous said...

I remember a baker at Savoia Bakery. I think his name was Mike Picolo. They made delicious tarales

Laura Agasian said...

My aunt, Betty Dorato worked at Savoia Bakery for years back in the 70's and late 80's. As kids, when we visited, she would put us to work outside to sell ices. Some great memories!