Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Step Lively Aunt Lillie

an excerpt from cbs news 8/16/2010
she's at the 42 second mark
Rogue Riding? NYC Bicyclists ‘Way Out Of Control’
NYPD Issues 15,000 Tickets To Riders Viewed As Nuisance
NEW YORK (CBS 2) – The NYPD is on a ticket blitz, giving cyclists more than 15,000 violations so far this year. Many pedestrians say it’s about time and fear the city’s push to get people pedaling has led to danger on the streets and sidewalks. Some have even dubbed it “bike bedlam.”
The Big Apple is racing to become the bike capital of the world and the Bloomberg administration has added more bike racks, paths and lanes.
However, as CBS 2’s Tony Aiello found out, spending a few minutes along the new bike lane on First Avenue makes clear that plenty of New Yorkers have little liking for the biking.

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