Friday, April 22, 2011

The KV Pits: 1950

from the mcny collection
below I tried to magnify the image to make out what the plaque says, but I can't figure it out for sure. It might say west court, buildings GHIJKL ?


Richard Karney said...

Actually, it looks like an address plaque nailed to a building. At quick glance, it looks like it reads, "80 Cherry Street." However, the pit shown is definitely a KV pit, confirmed by the caption in the picture. From the orientation of the building and the pit, it looks like the pit adjacent to the F or I buildings, as the corner/edge of the building would be leading to the opening of the walkway into a courtyard from Cherry Street.
From the sun angle, it definitely appears the picture was taken looking north into what would be a walkway leading into a courtyard.

Jimmie Reese said...

Good work, Rich
definitely cherry street
and google maps' view tells me it's the east court
norma cohen would be by the window
if it was west court

Anonymous said...

I lived in aj2 overlooking the Cherry Street pit. Then we moved far away to 4 rooms, Ab2, and lost our view. Paula Romm Sanders