Monday, August 15, 2011

Eric Ferrara's New Guide Book

I confess prejudice. I know Eric and have worked with him.  He's a great guy, a genuine lower east sider and a tireless chronicler of its history. I urge you to support his great work. A lot of info here on KV and its environs.
My amazon review:
While there is no shortage of books about the Mafia this one is unique in that it is laid out in a block by block fashion. It also gives information about individuals who are often never mentioned in books that tell about the "all-stars" like Luciano, Capone, etc. These are the guys who did the "real work" that allowed others to lead their more luxurious lives. Told in a clear, lively and informative fashion that deals with facts and not sensationalism. For another excellent source see Joe Bruno's book.

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