Thursday, November 29, 2012

KV on Metro Focus

Watch Manhattan's Knickerbocker Village still suffers post Sandy on PBS. See more from MetroFocus.

From November, 14, 2012


Cathy K. said...

Yes, Knickerbocker Village was hit hard by Sandy; and the residents and management are still struggling through the residual effects. However, I am disappointed that this blog has not been updated in six months. The rich history of Knickerbocker Village and its surrounding area are important, and it would be a shame if you were to discontinue this blog; it's like another blow from Hurricane Sandy.

Cathy K. said...

It is very disappointing to see no activity on this blog since the report on how badly KV was hit by Hurricane Sandy. The place is still experiencing various problems, but as always (or at least since 1934) it's still standing strong, and deserves its history and that of its neighborhood to be told and honored. So I hope this blog does continue. If, for whatever reasons, it does not, I do want to say thanks for the contribution you have made.