Friday, November 16, 2007

How Can I Connect Your Call?: From 11/9/07

The old phone numbers of some of my Knickerbocker Village pals
Bob: Be-3-8260, Rich:WOrth-2-7617, Marty: BEekman-3-0873, Al: BE-3-4319, Me:BE-3-1628, Murr:CO7-5397, Marty's Aunt Esther:BE-3- 0874 (An explanation from Marty) "These were the last four digits of my late Aunt Esther Odze whose husband, Lou, had a face that looked like the inside of a boiled grapefruit. It's that hard to describe. She was the one with the 4 at the end of her number. Trust me I often confused the two and would end up calling home for an increase in my allowance only to hear Aunt Esther hem and haw and finally tell me she'd get back to me in the morning. No. When we get the opportunity to go back in the time machine please dial me with a 3 at the end unless you want to talk to the Odze couple."
Howie corrects his brother Al:
"Also for those of you keeping score at home, our KV phone number was BE(ekman)3-1649 (BE 3's were the coolest exchange, and did anyone know that with the old rotary phones, instead of dialing '1', you could press the button down instead and it registered as a '1' - which we did for years thinking the call would not count) .... David Aaronson's number was BA(rclay) 7-8753....

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