Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Knickerbocker Village?

KV Prof Bob made me aware of this in an email today
..I was watching CNN this morning and they did a story on a hot new video game, Grand Theft Auto IV or something like that, and they showed a clip that took place on the Manhattan Bridge. I'm pretty sure KV is in the background. This is supposed to earn over $400 million in its first week of distribution, very hot, and Peter Levine's penthouse is on the video as is the roof we walked around. Hey Dave, maybe they used your video clip and we can sue for big bucks to pay for next years's Chinese food!

I was able to download what I thought was the video in question and look closely at these time marks, 00:00:49 and 00:01:37. It appears that Bob has a point.

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