Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fury: A Boy And His Horse

Fury, Fury
Smartest stallion anywhere
Fury, Fury
Where they need you
You're right there
Every time, I call you
I hear your call replin'
Then you gallop straight to me
With mane and tail a flyin'

from tv acres
Saturday mornings where the best time of the week when you were a kid back in the 50's. There were great shows on to watch like *Fury, Sky King, Jungle Jim, *Tugboat Annie, *Lassie, *Ramar Of The Jungle, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, My Friend Flicka, Casey Jones, Adventures of Champion Hopalong Cassidy and many many more. I miss those days, and wish that programs like these could be on Television once again for the kids of today. All of these shows taught lessons on how to treat people and what was right and wrong. No one back then ever thought to talk back to his or her parents, and they treated adults with the respect they so truly deserved.
I have started this site because it seems that Fury has been lost and forgotten in time. There is not much left on the show, but what I find will be posted here. So for those who remember the show, sit back and enjoy. For those who have never heard of Fury, it will be a new experience and one I hope you will all enjoy......

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