Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mary Malchiodi Of The Fourth Ward: Part 5

Note that the women who were poisoned were employed at the Cherouney Printing Plant on Vanderwater Street. At that time the Fourth Ward had many factories and blue collar jobs.


SGI said...

My family has lived in Mary Driscoll's former apartment at 102 India Street for the past 37 years. When we moved into the apartment, in April 1972, our neighbor on the second floor was an, at the time, 88 year old woman who lived in the building since 1904. She told my younger sister and I about her friend, Mary, who lived next door. She told us how Mary attended a party and died a few days later. Funny how small the world really is.

StrattonC said...

Cherouny Printing & Publishing was owned and operated by my great grandfather, established by his father. It used to be located on Vandewater street prior to the erection of the BLYN bridge. I visited there a few years back and found no trace of Vandewater street.

I'd be most grateful if anyone has any information at all about Cherouny Printing & Publishing or Vandewater Street circa 1875-1900.

- Arthur S. Cherouny

Josie said...

To StrattonC / Arthur S. Cherouny: The "Ephemeral New York" website has just published a large and detailed image of a 1912 postcard of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges area, and in that image, on the left (northeast of the Brooklyn Bridge), can be seen a very large ad for Cherouny Printing & Publishing Co. on the side of a building. It's not the company or the press building itself, for Vandewater Street was located downtown, south of the area depicted in the postcard. For what it's worth. See it here: