Sunday, July 18, 2010

Savoia's Pastry Shop: 35 Catherine Street

I got these from Lisa Zagemi yesterday
Hi David, It's Lisa, sorry I haven't been in touch. Here
are a few photos my dad, Anthony Favazza,  gave me of the front of the bakery. I am going to see if I have see any others. BTW everyone called my dad Sonny.
Lisa carries on the family tradition along with her husband and her sister Francine.
She owns:
Made in Heaven Cakes
Custom and Specialty Cakes
530 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

At the KV Reunion back in May, Nancy Sing Bock talked about how special summers were because of
the ices from Savoia


lishapisa said...

this is great as i grew up in Knickerbocker village and Great now and then photos. nice surprise to see the history of the neighborhood.

Shirley N. Lew said...

Are the photos of Savoia taken by your father? I am a contributer reporter for, a blog on Chinatown. In my next post, I write about my summertime favorite treat, the Italian icee from Savoia's. I'd like to be sure who to give the photo credit to when including it in my post. Please let me know.
Shirley Lew - Contributing Reporter

Shirley N. Lew said...

oh.. I see that the photos were taken by Anthony Favazza. Thanks.. I will put his name as credit to the blog.

Unknown said...

I grew up in the Al Smith project went to 9 am Mass at St. James and stop to get the Sunday News and the Journal American and off to Savoia's for hard rolls, jelly doughnuts and of course I got to pick a pastry. Italian Ices in the summer 5 cents for small 25 for large with a pretzel rod. THE BEST EVERY. I live in New Milford, NJ nothing ever is right for me anymore. Thanks for the memories.

Barb said...

I also grew up in the Smith projects, but I will never forget the delicious Italian ices from Savoia's. Mr.and Mrs. Savoia were the nicest people.

You can't get ices like that anywhere.

Barbara Stein Bernstein
54 Catherine St. 1952 to 1960.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of Savoia Bakery, it appears to be located at 37 Catherine Street.

Anonymous said...