Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nicholas Georgiade: A Greek Portraying An Italian

I was hoping that Nick had links to the Greek immigrant community in the Fourth Ward. His roots, however, are in Queens.
Nicholas Georgiade (born May 25, 1933, New York City) is an American actor of television and film.
He is a veteran of 37 movies and television programs. His television career began on the December 11, 1958 Playhouse 90 episode titled Seven Against the Wall with Warren Oates, Tige Andrews, and Paul Lambert. Georgiade followed this with playing Tommy on the January 23, 1960 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse episode Meeting at Appalachia which included Cameron Mitchell and Jack Warden. Other appearances on such notable programs as Hawaiian Eye, Hawaii Five-O, Batman, I Spy, Kojak, and The Rockford Files. He had a recurring role from 1959—1963 as Agent Enrico Rossi on 105 episodes of the 1959 hit program, The Untouchables. Agent Enrico Rossi, the lone Italian member of the elite law enforcement squad. Georgiade had played a hood in the pilot episode for the show but the producers liked his presence and cast him as a regular member of the good guys once the show was picked up as a weekly series. Has lived in Las Vegas with his wife for many years and still does some occasional stage and film work

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Anonymous said...

In the movie Hang'em High. A man exiting the prisoner wagon appears to be Nicholas Georgiade. Is it him in an uncredited role?