Tuesday, May 17, 2011

East Broadway And The Garden Cafeteria

The Garden was recognized by place matters
a comment by Carol Foresta, a former KVer
I grew up on the lower east side. The Garden Cafeteria served as a meeting place both inside and out. My father used to wait outside of it for me each evening, when I was a student returning from college. He'd smoke his pipe and stand in front of one of its doors. There he would meet all of his friends and people from the neighborhood. They would be engrossed in conversation. Because my mother was an excellent cook, my father did not dare to eat at the Garden.The Garden always attracted a colorful assembly of people so very long ago. I believe the people who go there today are probably equally interesting. (Sept., 2007)
a comment from Mark, aka "The Cutter," aka "Shoom"
Thanks for the Garden Cafeteria memory on the KV blog.
     For our family it was a big deal.  We virtually never went out, or in fact, ate with Dad.  So, it filled two voids for the family.
     I remember we always ate in the back room.  It was on a rare Sunday, and there seemed to be many other families there as well.  I don't ever remember taking our time, and casually eating.  We were probably out of there in less than 30 minutes.  Tables were turned over and even if there was a small staff, there seemed to be at least one at our table every five minutes. 

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