Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found: Lipman Pike In The Fourth Ward

When the census proved to be no help, I turned to a directory of businesses. Sure enough I found the Pike family business at 81 Chatham Street in 1860. The family probably lived above the store as was the custom. The Brooklyn store was probably where they moved to when Lip was 5. The father may have still kept the business in Manhattan as well.



THANKS DAVID. May I use the info you found of where The Pike Family lived when Lip was age 5 ? I am a SABR Member: Society of American BaseBall Research since 1987. My research Project for the last 9 years I have been presenting Lip and his other base ball player brothers lives. I will give you credit in my story. I am also involved in creating a monument for Lip at our 1864 Atlantic Field in Smithtown, Long Island. See You Soon, Mickey the Lip Tangel

David Ballela said...

Yes, you can Mickey. send your email address to davidbellel@mac.com and I'll send the census image