Thursday, September 15, 2011

KV Phone Numbers 1946

I recently discovered an online 1946 phone book. I searched for KV families. It's a little tricky to navigate and search through. Many phone numbers did not, like mine, show up. It's possible my parents couldn't afford a phone? In any case, they were living at 76 Suffolk Street in 1946. The above shows a sampling. Weird that only 10 Monroe and 40 Monroe showed up. Marion Fox cleared that up for me since at that time she said all phone bills and electric bills were addressed to either 10 (West Court) or 40 (East Court). Maybe then they were distributed through the internal KV post office? 
More of these samplings to follow. Wonder what would happen if you dialed one of these old numbers?


Anonymous said...

How do you navigate to the page that you believe your name is enshrined Flipping through "Next page, Next page," etc. starts to become kind of old. Any suggestions?

Jimmie Reese said...

move the the blue slider down in the top left corner to reveal the page numbers.