Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bowling For Dollars

As mentioned before the early 60's meant Saturday morning league bowling at City Hall Lanes and a trip to the Automat for many of us. Today there are only three bowling alleys in Brooklyn, in the 60's possibly 15 or 20. Bowling was so popular that this hokey show was on starting in the early 70's. I recall seeing Bobby Darin (of 60 Baruch Place fame) on one episode. It was aired after he died and the host Larry Kenney asked him the usual scripted question at the end, "So Bobby, what are your plans for the future?"

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Anonymous said...

I remember going bowling at the City Hall lanes with a large group of kids including Howie Silverstein. His approach to the alley was unforgettable. Pumping the ball in his arms just prior to bowling it down the lane. He was so skinny, I thought he would fall over from the wieght of the ball held overhead.