Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Paul Solman Explains Hedge Funds

I still have no clue


Anonymous said...

This is not a comment on the NewsHour piece of mine posted on your website, but on KV, which I visited in the past year with my then-98-year-old dad, Joseph Solman. I wheelchaired him all the way up to our old apt. -- 12F, 40 Monroe -- but we only made it to the front door. My dad was delighted with the trip, though.

Joseph Solman was a quite famous artist who passed away in April. (Obits are all over the web, including a few from England, and many examples of his work. My own eulogy can be seen at

Four of us -- my dad, mom Ruth, sister Ronni and I -- lived in KV from 1945 to 1952, as did my grandparents (until 1962: Aaron and Essie Romanofsky) and various aunts and uncles.

I later became friends with two KV alums I hadn't known while living there: Michael Meeropol and the Harvard economist Marty Weitzman. All 3 of us were patients of the KV pediatrician George Bernhardt.

Anonymous said...

The url for the Joseph Solman eulogy on the NewsHour website doesn't seem to copy into your format. Those interested can simply Google his name in quotes, and mine.