Sunday, January 13, 2008

Live From Cooperstown

I had my mp3 recorder on during my tour at Cooperstown to capture the sounds of the museum. Here's part 1:
K.. was a museum docent, in her 80's I'd guess. I kidded her that she got the job because she was related to Babe Ruth. Later we were then joined by an older couple from Chicago. He looked like Connie Mack. Things were going smoothly until I brought up the New Hamphsire primaries ( in part 2) "Connie" described a game he saw between the Cubs and Dodgers. He claimed Leo Durocher was the manager. I knew he was wrong. He must have meant Casey Stengel. Durocher started managing dodgers in 38-9, In 1935 he was playing for the Cardinals

I found the game on the internet

Saturday, September 14, 1935
» Defeated Dodgers (61-75), 18-14 Wrigley Field 90-52
» Starters: Johnny Babich vs Charlie Root

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