Friday, May 23, 2008

The Legendary Steve Zaretsky

Remember now, innocent until proven guilty and Steve was only "accused." (That's him, standing next to the K&K and across the street from my safety squad post, in a 1967 photo from Murray Schefflin) I never knew him but he is spoken of with reverence by some of my friends as some sort of Damon Runyon like character. If anyone knows his whereabouts give a holler.*Click to enlarge and note the message from a Nancy admirer
An excerpt from an email remembrance:
Also, there's a guy we called Lattimer who was Joey Katz' age, a guy named Mark who wore a crew cut. There was Steve Zaretsky who Murray has supplied a positive ID photo match for in the event that we'd put out a dragnet and trace him. I think we should start at Monmouth Park, Yonkers Raceway and work our way down to the trotters if those don't pan out. Who remembers the Whistletiers? Three burly brothers and poppa was a 6' 4" construction worker. Anybody besides me remember Richie Huron - first baseman for St. James, lived in Smith and went to Xavier High School after graduating from St. James. Richie was about 5' 8" a red crew cut and millions of freckles. He was friendly with Gregory who also had a lot of freckles and lived in the 'H' building, played on St. James with Teddy Graf. They were friends with Georgie Beano who lived in Smith in Joey Maldonado's building and played for St. James. Also, there was Bernie Schwartz who lived in the 'G' building and his older brother - at least 6' 5" tall and thin who wore glasses and was a classmate of Lenny Brokowsky. Any of these ring a bell? If not you'll have to just find some other way to ring your goddam bells guys. I would suggest one of those rubber tipped mallets if you want a clear chimey sound but if you don't really care that much even a pencil will do the trick. Not that it's a trick. There's no particular trick to it you just ring a ding ding and . . . anyway, while we're on the subject . . . the whereabouts of Marty Sklar, he still owes me for a Hires root beer and two slices of pizza so I'd even be willing to split the proceeds if we can catch up with him.

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