Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Or When 2

from 9/5/06 from pseudo-intellectualism
This time I matched the larger versions of some the matching Abbott and Levere sites along with the MCNY's text. "The matching New York scenes is nice school project. There are many archival images ready for the amateur to do his or her matching. It would also be an interesting project to take along enlarged old images to the site and do some interviewing of an on-site senior citizen as a prop to spark memories of that scene.

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Anonymous said...

hello, I "landed" on your blog while I was doing some googling about my HS (Seward Park) and I have to say, this place you have is a very interesting read.

my mother and grandmother still currently resides @ Knickerbocker so its wonderful to read the histories/people/events back in the days.

Thank you. I will sure be back to read more.