Saturday, June 20, 2009

A KV Father's Day 2009

Cleaning up my basement I found this among the stuff I salvaged from my parents apartment. I wonder what the 02 next to PS 177 means? Maybe the school district it was in then?
From Elinor:
PS 177 WAS in Community District 2.....I taught for short while in PS 42 on Hester St. and that was District 2 also.

from Cliff
02 on your dog tag could be the postal code. KV addresses back then, before the days of Zip Codes, was New York 2, NY.

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Sarah Wenig FC8 said...

The 02 may have had something to do with what was used before the 10002 zip code. That is NY 02, NY or something like that. Sarah Wenig Apt. FC*