Tuesday, February 2, 2010

80 Years Ago On Avenue B

Avenue b Census
Listed in the census is Gertrude Greene of 102 Avenue B, the girl scout honoree of 1924

The census inspired me to write "Welcome To The World Of Avenue B" in keeping with Mrs. Santa Claus' "Welcome To The World Of Avenue A"
Welcome to the world of Avenue B
Where you hear Dos Vidonya, Spasida
and Arrivederci!
Janet Sobel and John Capotosto are still going steady
Mrs Green is yelling out there window, “Breakfast is ready.”
And that’s the way it goes on Avenue B
Where Ida Clapper invites Dora Oxman over for tea
Vendors selling their Pierogies and Goulash all over the street
Part of all the great big treats called Avenue B

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