Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Noise From Winnetka

That last post caused some big noise
Big Noise From Winnetka is a jazz composition co-written by composer and bass player Bob Haggart. It was first recorded in 1938 and featured Haggart and drummer Ray Bauduc, both members of a sub-group of the Bob Crosby Orchestra called The Bobcats. The title is a reference to Winnetka, Illinois.
The recording is remarkable for its unusual duet feature: Haggart whistles the melody and plays the bass, while only Bauduc accompanies him on the drums. Halfway through the solo, Bauduc starts drumming on the strings of the double bass, while Haggart continues to play with his left hand, creating a very percussive bass solo.
After the success of the initial recording, they performed this song frequently for the rest of their careers. They performed the song in several films, most notably in 1941's "Let's Make Music" and 1943's "Reveille with Beverly". The original recording was featured on the soundtrack of Raging Bull.

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