Sunday, February 14, 2010

Halloween 1959 At 20 Monroe Street

left to right, front row:
Renee Leder, Sheila Suss, Alison Shue, Marcia Hieger
2nd row:
Susan Miller, Nancy Bueller, Valerie Hammel, Elaine Aaronson, Larry Levy
back row:
Shawn Bayer, David Bellel, Chester Kaplan, Robert Simmons, Joe Maldonado, Richard Karney, Glen Farber
True it's not Valentine's Day, but there were a few pre-adolescents in love.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is truly a walk down memory lane. I grew up in 20 Monroe St., LC8. Sheila Suss liked downstairs from me, her sister Sydell was my friend and in my class at 177. Valerie Hammel lived across the courtyard and I was best friends with her sister Barbara.