Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ABC, Gonna Fly; ABC, Flying High..

from the youtube description
From the ABC network 25th Anniversary show comes the most amazing line-up of stars you'll ever see! Kicked off by Toni Tennille. Is that Billie Hayes with Chuck Connors? One of John Wayne's last appearances and he attempts to sing.
I figured out that it must have been January 31, 1978
My attempt at the lyrics. It actually could work as LMRC's theme song.
abc, gonna fly
abc, flyin high
flying free and easy
flying free and easy as abc
abc, on the move
abc, what a crew
moving free and easy
moving free and easy as abc
gonna fly now
flyin high now
let's just try now
abc, setting sail
abc, gonna wail
sailing free and easy
gonna be easy as abc
gonna fly now
flyin high now
gonna fly, fly, fly
abc, sing a song
abc, come along
singing free and easy
singing free and easy as abc

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