Friday, May 7, 2010

Sinatra And The LES Beats 2

This Mad Magazine skit, from a March, 1960 issue, was mentioned in the Sinatra article from the previous post

Here are some of the addresses of LES "beats"
source, nysonglines
206 E. 6th Street: Apartment of Allen Ginsberg, 1952-53. Gregory Corso was a roommate, as was William Burroughs, who started Naked Lunch here. Jack Kerouac once left a stolen pushcart on the street below, to Ginsberg's dismay.
704 E. 5th Street: Poet Allen Ginsberg lived here in 1964-65. Visitors included Kerouac, Warhol, Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary.
437 E. 12th: Was beat poet Allen Ginsberg's longest New York home, where he lived on the fourth floor from 1975-96.
318 E. 8th Street: Home to jazz composer David Amram
41 First Avenue: Norman Mailer wrote most of The Deer Park upstairs in this building.
from street easy
405 East 13th Street: Home of Larry Rivers

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