Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Great Stanton Street Trumpet Player: Manny Klein 4

from archive chazzanut
Three of his brothers were professional musicians: Dave (trumpet), Sol (violin) and Merrill (string bass). Began playing trumpet during early childhood and later studied with Max Schlossberg. During his teens he played for B.F. Keith's Boys Band, later played in the New York Junior Police Band. First professional work with Louis Katzman's Ambassador Orchestra. In December 1928 playerd in Al Goodman's Orchestra for the Broadway show "Follow Thru," for the next nine years was one of the
busiest free-lance musicians in New York: worked with Don Voorhees, Red Nichols, Fred Rich, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Benny Goodman, the Dorsey Brothers, Eddie Elkins, etc. Moved to California in November 1937. From March 1938 worked in band co-led with Frank Trumbauer. With violinist Matty Malneck's orchestra (1939), taking a role in the Bing Crosby film "East Side of Heaven." Throughout the 1940s (except for
stint in US Army) and 1950s, did regular studio work for film and recording companies -- occasionally played dates with outside bands including brief spell with Lionel Hampton in late 1940. Has played on soundtracks to countless films -- dubbed for actor Montgomery Clift in "From Here to Eternity" and for an ailing Ziggy Elman in "The Benny Goodman Story" [Is there any truth to the rumor that it was reading the
script that made Ziggy sick?] Not long after celebrating his 50th year as a musician he toured Japan with Percy Faith Orchestra (1966). Made several visits to Europe during the 1970s and was featured at the Breda Holland festival. All in all, the credentials of a solid working musician.

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