Saturday, December 1, 2007

PS 177: 1956-7-part 2

This is the other picture from the Special Collections of the nycboe archives at Columbia that I found about 7 years ago. It's from my 4th grade class at PS 177.
Visible are Susan Miller, with the bangs, and Rosemary, who seems to be sizing up the little blond visitor who is serving the food. I think this might have been from an international food tasting event. Knowing tough little Rosemary she is probably saying to herself, "She thinks she's cute, but wait till I get her on Monroe Street." Rosemary affectionately called me the "baby hippo."
Note I went back last year to visit the archives. It's gone. I reached David Ment, who now works part time at the Municipal Archives and he told me it exists somewhere, but it's very hard to get access to.

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