Thursday, January 29, 2009

The View From The Consolidated Gas Building, 1913:

During my September-January KV hiatus I was working on a couple of other projects. One of them was, I admit, a somewhat sick obsession with dissing Caroline Kennedy and the other was an on-site Knickerbocker Village Museum. It would contain posterized versions of many of the visuals and primary documents seen on these pages. In order to do that requires the conversion of digital files into a higher resolution format. I discovered that there are PhotoShop plug-ins that allow for this like Genuine Fractals, but it also helps if you have a high resolution image to begin with. One site that has them, historically rich and public domain as well, is shorpy The image above, but not in hi-def, is an example. It's a "Summer 1913 Bird's eye view of N.Y.C. from the roof of Consolidated Gas Building." The building, later just the plain Con Edison building, is on 15th Street and Irving Place. The blog entry is not only sweet because of the digital enhancement that shorpy does, but also because of the commentary. I added some of my own historical sweet spots, below, as well

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