Friday, January 30, 2009

Strange Ting's Are Happening: Chinatown, 1958

Above from google images hosted by lifeThe caption is not correct, since that is not Ting's. Ting's is further up Doyer's, on the corner with Pell. Below, a current picture of Ting's

About Ting's from vanishingnewyork
Aside from the many bustling barber shops and hair salons, this nerve center contains Ting's Gift Shop, here since 1957, the year New York's last opium den was shut down. Opium still survived in private parlors and Ting's was raided in 1958, yielding 10 pounds of heroin. Today, Ting's offers a milder fare of paper dragons, finger cuffs, wooden snakes, and bamboo cricket cages.

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