Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Tenants Gay At Smith Houses: October 25, 1949

No that's not a fake headline
We recently got an email from Frank Bambace:
My family was one of the first to move into the Smith projects, 20 Catherine Slip. Me and my mother moved to 106 Madison Street when I was 11. I went to PS 1, then JHS 65 then onto Seward Park HS. I remember “everything” about the old neighborhood. I moved into Knickerbocker when we married and live in 30 then 3 Monroe Street. Before it was “Pete’s” candy store it belonged to my Uncle Jimmy. Savoia and St. Joseph bakeries were around the corner from each other. I have lived on Staten Island for the past 25 years. My main “hang outs” were; the pool room on Market St. Henry St. Coleman Oval under the bridge and “the 6th ward”.
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