Monday, March 30, 2009

LES Triangle Victim Map

From a December 2007 post from pseudo-intellectualism
I created this map to give a historical LES context to Ms. Joseph's class project on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Victims. I utilized a very unique map created by John Tauranac as the base. Ms. Joseph had used the historical fiction title , "East Side Story," along with archival information from Unite's (the former ILGWU) web site, Her students wrote stories with characters placed back in time with that era. They also made posters protesting working conditions simulating what the shirtwaist workers did in the 1909 strike. They brought much of this material with them as special guests of the UFT's District Representatuve, Donna Manganello, to the annual commemoration that takes place at the site of the fire. Their work was recognized by the President of Unite, Bruce Raynor, and they had the honor to be invited onstage for the official ceremony. Portions of this were broadcast locally on

with new information from David von Drehle and the Triangle Chalk Map I'm updating mine see the next post

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Triangle Fire Historian Michael Hirsch has also compiled a thorough list and map of the victims. It can be viewed at