Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Is Busting Out All Over 3

from the youtube description. From a June 2, 1956 show
The TV seasons were long back in 1956 for Gisele MacKenzie, Dorothy Collins, Russell Arms, Snooky Lanson, Raymond Scott (orch) and Ray Charles (chorus)! Running into June, here Gisele MacKenzie is seen doing a "Your Hit Parade" extra, June Is Busting Out All Over, from the musical Carousel. This little piece of video became a good representation of Gisele's musical/comedy abilities and through the years she starred in Gypsy, Hello Dolly, Unsinkable Molly Brown, Mame, Kind & I, South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, etc. Gisele was the all-around performer...perfect for TV and musical-comedy.

I watched this show with my parents and liked it. Looking back, "What was I thinking?"
Gisele MacKenzie may have been an all around performer-all around bland.

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