Sunday, April 4, 2010

Judge Vincent Lupiano: A Follow Up

I was pleased to find out that the Lupiano family discovered the blogposts about the Judge. Above is a close-up from a grouping of pictures posted previously
from the Judge's son Vincent who is seen above as a young boy in the 1950 photo from Life Magazine
I was stunned to see the story and pictures of my father, Vincent A. Lupiano, in the March 10, 2010, issue of KV. I have hardcopies of the pictures which show my father, mother and sister, as well as the whole family. Those photos were taken in my grandparents’ (father’s side) basement in Brooklyn, and I have no idea who took them and where they wound up. I believe it was either a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. It had to be around 1950 because I appear to be about 10 years old and my sister five. I remember being terribly bored!
I have very fond memories of KV. My favorite grandfather (mother’s side) lived there. He was a surgeon and had lived in a brownstone on Cherry Street; his office was on the ground floor. He sold the brownstone and moved into KV. I have very vivid memories of my uncle coming home to KV from the war. The apartment was filled with friends and family waiting for him to arrive. It was 1945, and I was about five. In fact, I have a picture of me and my uncle in the courtyard of KV. He’s wearing his Marine Corps uniform with captain’s bars taken a few days after he came back from the Pacific. The biggest story was an article the Daily News wrote about my father condemning him for living there because, relatively speaking, his salary was too big for someone living in KV. The article said he should move out and make room for another family. He was a judge then and his salary was above average, and the publicity wasn’t very good. As a result, we moved out in 1948 on a day that dropped nearly 30 inches of snow on the city. We moved to 302 West 12th Street in the Village. I could go on and on about KV. Thanks for giving the pictures and story such prominence.-Vince

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