Tuesday, April 27, 2010

September 17, 1900: Second Annual Coaching Party Of The Martin Tanahey Association

The other week I received an anonymous comment criticizing my opinion about Martin Tanahey in a 2007 post.
Anonymous wrote:
How did the "blog author" come to the conclusion that a person who died in 1930 at a relatively young age did not contribute anything of value to his community or to those he served? He obviously was not available to have any influence over the naming of the Tanahey park in his honor.
    FYI he was a most honorable man who worked hard for his family and neighbors whom he represented.
    It seems petty for you to disparage him for your own purposes.
I replied
 I didn't mean to disparage Martin Tanahey. I'm sure he was an honorable man. However there were many honorable people who parks are not named after. I've not found any information that leads me to believe he did anything remarkable as compared to Joseph Coleman.
As a result I did more research to try and find out more about Martin Tanahey. More to come

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