Monday, April 23, 2012

101 Orchard Street: 1934

This could be near where former KVer Norma A. Petillo's (Boodman) father had a store. She wrote:
Sadly, my father died in 1951 at age 44. He owned a small store on Orchard Street, mens' belts, ties socks etc. It was really a stand so he was mostly exposed to the elements, not good for a person with a heart condition. His name was Frank Boodman. He was born in the US but his family went back to Poland. I did locate him and his brothers Dawid (David) and Phillip on the Ellis Island web site when they were young teens who came back to the states. I found my mother, Clara, there as well. She was born here, family from Austria, but they went back to Poland. She and her brother, Morris Holzer (spelled here with a t) came back separately to the states at ages 14 & 15. Sadly, my 4 aunts and grandmother and some cousins were killed in Poland in 1943. All the more tragic because there were already here, but had left a child back there , and were poor and could not make a go of it in the U.S.

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