Friday, April 27, 2012

Sam You Made The Pants Too Long

Pants are draggin', slowly draggin' through the street
See, I'm walking, you can hardly see my feet
I'm not finding fault at all
They're so big,  I'm too small
You made my coat and vest fits the best
You made my lining good and strong
But Sam, Sam the pants.. too long
You made my pink lapel fits me so swell
Say who am to say you're wrong?
Sam, you made pants too long
I got a belt, I got suspenders
I figure, what I got lose?
What goods the belts, what goods suspenders
When the pants hang over shoes?
I get the darndest little breeze right through my BVD's
My fly is where my tie belongs
Sam, Sam, Sam,
The pants, the pants

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SeaSon said...

i like nice post