Friday, April 27, 2012

130 Orchard Street: Beckenstein's

The long time business is no longer located here. I believe it's previous life was as a branch of the NY Electric and Gas Company. an excerpt from fabricczar
Armed with a push cart and insurmountable determination, Samuel Beckenstein laid the groundwork in 1919, on the Lower East Side's historic Orchard Street for what would ultimately develop into one of the world's most renowned fabric enterprises, Beckenstein Men's Fabric, Inc. Nearly a century and four generations later, Beckenstein's grandsons, Neal Boyarsky, President and CEO of the firm and his son Jonathan, have expanded and transformed the once modest, one room store, into an unstoppable fabric enterprise, servicing the entertainment industry, celebrities, athletes and government officials worldwide. The company's success is not only attributed to the family's unwavering commitment to the fabric industry, but it is also due to their exclusive, joint partnership with Scabel of Brussels, one of the world's most distinguished fashion leaders, who manufacture the finest and most high end fabrics. In addition to the incomparable quality and endless variety of fabric that Beckenstein Men's Fabric, Inc. offers, the company also provides their customers with unrivaled service, delivering stock fabric overnight.
Supposedly the song, "Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long," was written with Sam Beckenstein in mind By some accounts it was written by Milton Berle, Sam Lewis, Victor Young, Fred Whitehouse
SAM, YOU MADE THE PANTS TOO LONG was written in 1940 by comedian Milton Berle as a parody of the tune "Lord, You Made The Night Too Long." It appealed to Barbra Streisand`s sense of humor and it became her follow-up hit to "Second Hand Rose" in 1966.

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