Friday, April 27, 2012

85 Orchard Street: The Site Of Lasky's Shoe Stores

I think the bracket once held the old sign.


Robert said...

I lived in Knickerbocker Village from birth, 7 July, 1949, until some time in the summer of 1954 age 5, when my family moved to Elizabeth NJ. My parents were Jack and Sarah Eller. My best friend in the Village was Joel Sosinsky, whose parents Mike (Myer) and Nathalie owned a haberdashery on Orchard Street (85?). Joel and I attended the nursery school in the Village basement. Other friends my age were Barbara Levy, Bobby Nathanson, Stephen Needle. If you are any of these people, or know any of these people, please contact me. Thank you. Robert Henry Eller

David Ballela said...

robert, I am in touch with many of these people. send me your email address