Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mintz's Of Colchester, CT

The Mintz's were evidently part of the same group as the Lapping's
above photo and below info from the Mintz flickr page
Found in a Mintz family photo album, inherited by my grandfather and then passed down to me. My grandfather's mother's sister was married to Louis Mintz. I do not know the children's names. I do not know the farmer's names, but it's possible they are Louis, Simon, Soloman or Benjamin Mintz.
The Mintz family were part of a group of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who came to Colchester, CT. at the end of the 1800s and set up a successful farming community.
Hyman Mintz owned the old victorian house that sits on Hammond Court in early 1900s. When he died, his daughter Katie inherited that property. Previously owned by the Zenowitz family, it's now owned by the Stevens's. Question is, is this horse and buggy traveling down Hammond Lane, a common pathway up until 1955 when the town of Colchester moved the pathway to what is now Hammond Court? My resources tell me the road was stopped short by erecting a longer building on what is now the Coiro's propery and moved because the Colchester Convalescent Home had built their facility, which years later was condemned, right smack in the middle of the pathway. If anyone has pictures, I sure would like to see them.


Sharon T said...

I found this after seeing a PBS show about Jewish immigrant farmers in Colechester. My Great-grandfather was Simon Jacob Mintz (I was named for him.) I remember my grandmother (Alice)telling stories about growing up in Colechester and we went to see where the family farm had been in 1985. It had been just as you came over the bridge into Colechester and had subsequently been turned into a used car dealership, much to her chagrin. I don't remember hearing of a Louis, but that doesn't mean anything really. My Great Grandfather farmed, trained horses for the community, and was a butcher if I remember correctly. Grandma always talked about being up to her neck in chicken feathers she'd had to pluck. I believe there were 7 children, but I don't remember all their names. My grandmother was the only girl. The children were Alice, Julius, Harold and Ben (twins), Morris and Nake Mintz. Oddly I don't know my Great-grandmother's name, I don't remember it ever being mentioned. The picture of the children in the buggy delighted me because it looks like my uncle and cousin so there is most likely a familial connection. I'm just not sure what it is. I've sent the website for this and the Flickr page to my father and his brother. They may be able to better distinguish who was whom.

Adam Brown said...

Hi Sol and Sharon!
My niece and nephew are Mintz's from Morristown NJ who were close cousins of the Mintz family in Colchester whom they knew well. We have put the quite large Mintz tree up on and would be delighted to include you. Please email me at adambrown [at] and we can exchange information.

Marissa Taylor said...

Adam- I just checked out and saw that indeed you manage the tree that includes my great grandfather, Samuel Mintz! Awesome! I am only able to access on my iPhone right now so I can't see much, but would love to learn more about the "large" Mintz tree! My brother has Samuel posted as well so maybe there's a way to merge the two?