Thursday, March 12, 2009

PS 177: Class 6-2 1955

Courtesy of Susan (Gromer) Cohen. The teacher is Miss Friedman who would later be Mrs. Jonas. Anyone recognize these kids?
from Tina:
Hi.....Yes I do know one of the gals.....the second row from the top..
4th person from the happens to be a friend of the family
a Greek Girl.....Mary Cavasis.....She eventually became a
a Biology and Earth Science Teacher at Seward Park HS....!!

from Paul Moloff on 3/29/09
First row: Lydia (?), Miriam Levinson, Don't know next two, and of course, Susan Gromer
Second row: Salvatore Scollo (dark double breasted suit), Charles Morris, Don't know, Alexander Morales, Don't know, Jorge Baez, Spiros Tsimbinos, Peter Strassberg, Michael Steinberg.
Third row: Paul Diamond (with sweater), Melvin Meyer, Dirk Berger, Don't know, Sophie Marcinkus, Camille Magro, Susan Mildworm, Mary Cavazis, Paul Moloff (yours truly), Paul Siniawer, Stephen Lieber.
Last row: Miss Friedman, Steven Farbstein, Lucy (?), Don't know, Barbara Sirlak, Esther Samuels, Carol Zucker.

I'm in touch with Dirk Berger (psychiatrist) and Stephen Lieber (retired school principal). Steven Farbstein is a high school biology teacher in NY. Melvin Meyer and Paul Siniawer are lawyers and Peter Strassberg and Michael Steinberg are doctors. Mary Cavazis, as someone noted, is a chemistry teacher at Seward.

On another post with regard to another subject, you wrote that the Steinbergs and Moloffs were rich because the Bar Mitzvahs were held at Glucksterns. Nah,, that's NOT true at all... (The rich part, that is).


Anonymous said...

I recognize Susan Gromer Benoit Cohen.(First Row, First seat on the right). And Mary was a Chemistry teacher; not Biology.

Who are you Tina?

Anonymous said...

From Mary:

I did not mean to send the above comment anonymously. I was responding to Susan's posting our 1955 graduation picture and to Tina who seems to have id'ed me from that picture (amazingly!). So please let me know who you are.
Are you Frankie's cousin?

Steve said...

Thanks for the memory image-- it's been a long time since I've seen those faces.
I've written a memoir about those 'good old days' at 177 and KV, and if any of you out there have any contacts in the publishing world, I appreciate the help.
My only regret is seeing myself next to Ms. Friedman who I thoroughly despised.

Anonymous said...

Are you the Steve married to Maureen?

Anonymous said...

hey Steve contact me
John roosevelt island

Lorraine Mann Skeen said...

Amazing! I was thinking about the seven sp class that a number of these students went to. Any news about them? Dirk, Susan Micheal M. Paul M., Stephe
kicln LIeber and Lorraine Mann were in the class.

LOrraineMann Skeen

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know a louis bravo? He used to hang around with salvatore scollo