Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kenny Rankin RIP

A favorite of mine. For me he bridged the gap that I often couldn't negotiate from Sinatra, et.al to folk
In the mornin fun when no one will be,
Drinkin anymore wine
I wake the Sun up,
By givin him a fresh share
full of the wind cup
And I won't be found in the shadows hiding,
I can wait for fate, to bring to me,
Any part of my tomorrow....tomorrow
Cause it's oh...oh so peaceful here
No one bendin over my shoulder
Nobody breathin in my ear.
Oh uh oh... it's oh so peaceful here
In the evening shadows are callin me
And the dew settles in my mind
And I think of friends in the yesterday
When my plans were giggled in rhyme
I had a son while on the run
And his love brought a tear to my eye
And maybe some day he might say
That I'm a pretty nice guy...Oh Oh my
Oh.Oh My
(repeat chorus)
And it's:...etc.
end: It's (oh so peaceful ) (3 times)

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