Thursday, July 16, 2009

Depeyster Street On The Map

D marks the spot where Depeyster's mansion was. W is where Washington's mansion was and V is the location of Vanderwater Street. From a 1916 map from the University of Texas

Born in New Amsterdam (now known as “Manhattan”), De Peyster came from a prosperous mercantile family. In his youth he spent nine years working on the family farm in the Netherlands, before returning in 1684 to New Amsterdam. He quickly ascended the City’s political ladder, occupying almost all of the important colonial offices, including alderman, mayor, member of the king’s council, and acting governor. De Peyster amassed great wealth, and by the end of his life he is said to have been one of the city’s wealthiest merchants.

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Anonymous said...

you might enjoy that a bowl belonging to said de Peyster just went up @ auction at Sotheby's (google The Loring Bowl to learn more) upon which notice we started to receive email jokes by cousins suggesting maybe this is where Abe tossed his carriage keys after a long hard day at city hall ca. 1692 (the bowl went for $1M+!, not to a descendent mind you!). Fast forward 300+ years and we descendents are tossing our used mini van keys in an used cracked wooden salad bowl out in the burbs...thanks for your post on old Abe's haunts...Julia de Peyster