Monday, July 27, 2009

Woodlawn Heights And Wave Hill

This is the first time this summer that me and that crazy kid from the 10th floor of the I building got to do our weekly summertime nyc neighborhood explorations. He's been very busy lately doing some plumbing work. The suggestion made was the Bronx's very Irish Woodlawn Heights. We didn't see that much there so we went on to Wave Hill where we spotted Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in a film shoot. The movie is called Going The Distance.
from forgotten-ny
There's a little corner of the Emerald Island in the far flung northern reaches of the Bronx, past the rolling hills of Woodlawn Cemetery, the duffers in Mosholu and Van Cortlandt Golf Courses and the roaring traffic of the Deegan. It's in the triangle known as Woodlawn Heights, just south of Yonkers.
Woodlawn Heights' main drag shares a name with a small town about 20 miles to the north. Katonah Avenue, and the town to the north, are named for an Indian word meaning "Great Mountain." The area figured heavily in the Revolution: in August 1778, 17 Mohican Indians led by Daniel Nimham, fighting on the side of the patriots, were massacred after their defeat by Colonel Simcoe and his Queens Rangers, fighting for the Crown; the Indians are commemorated in nearby Van Cortlandt Park.

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