Wednesday, July 8, 2009

KV's 2nd Oldest Resident: Mildred Cohen

What a treat that I got a chance to meet this wonderful lady this past weekend. She's sharp as a tack.
We've seen her before in this 1957 picture from a post from November of 2008
Below is a then now comparison over a 52 year span


Rona Gofstein said...

This is my wonderful Great Aunt Mildred!! Thank you for doing this interview. Now I can "share" her with my children. My elder son is named for Mildred's twin brother, Lawrence, who died in 1979.

Again, many thanks.
Rona Gofstein

Debbie Miles said...

This is my Aunt Mildred. My father, Milton Kaplan, was her "baby" brother. He passed in 1997. Thanks for preserving this little piece of history.

Deborah Kaplan Miles

Hilda said...

I loved the video as well. I am Rona's mom and therefore cousin of Deborah who I don't know. Deborah if you are on FaceBook, please friend me.
Hilda Kaplan Weisburg