Saturday, April 3, 2010

South Street: 1905

from shorpy
comments that accompanied the picture:
The Chester W. Chapin was a passenger and freight steamer that ran aground up in Providence in 1901. This steamer was named for Chester W. Chapin (December 16, 1798 – June 10, 1883), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (March 4, 1875-March 3, 1877). The ship was of the twin-screw type, 312 feet in length, 64 feet wide, with a tonnage of 1,882. It was built by the Maryland Steel Company of Sparrow's Point, Maryland, for the New Haven Steamboat Company in 1899. The piles of ballast stones near the bottom of the photo, as well as the railcar float to the left of Pier 20.

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