Sunday, July 15, 2012

Michael Sidorovich: 341 East 19th Street

341 19 Communists Before moving to Knickerbocker Village Michael Sidorovich lived at the above address. During the early 1950 FBI inquest on Soviet espionage there was a search for evidence implicating Michael and his wife Ann. The above is just a fraction of what was gathered. Pretty amazing that so many of the people that lived here were members of the American Labor Party. Yet in 1937 Fiorello LaGuardia garnered almost a half a million votes or 21.6% of his total from the party. In the 1930's there was no stigma associated to the party, but by 1950 it was considered too "red."About the American Labor Party:
In 1936 the American Labor Party (ALP) was formed by left-wing supporters of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. This included Abraham Cahan, Sidney Hillman and David Dubinsky. The ALP put forward a left-wing, non-socialist, program. Its 1937 Declaration of Principles stipulated that there should be a "sufficient planned utilization of the natural economy so that coal, oil, timber, water, and other natural resources that belong to the American people... shall be protected from predatory interests." The following year, ALP member, Vito Marcantonio was elected to Congress where he represented East Harlem's 20th District.

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