Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anywhere But Here: A KV Remembrance By Maggie Paley

a h/t to Mark and his wife Jane for sending me this 2005 article from Family/O Magazine. It's by Maggie Paley and I think it touches on many similar feelings we all share about KV. I researched her and found the pic of her above and two books she has written. Stop your laughing you immature clowns. The article mentioned she lived there in the 40's and 50's. More to come on the Paleys
Read this document on Scribd: anywhere-but-here

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pablo said...

My family and I lived in the I and B buildings from 1950-1962. I attended P.S. 177 and read with great interest the names of schoolmates, friends and places that were so much a part of my formative years.

How would I communicate or share some of my meories and "souvenirs" of those days.


Paul White