Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Knish Man Of Summer

A remembrance of Ruby, one of those classic knish men of summer... as well as other seasons
from brooklynonline
Read this document on Scribd: Ruby The Knishman


Anonymous said...

you forgot a Coney Island original, Whitey 'the Kinish' man!! Whitey worked bay 1 through 10 I believe. He held two large bags in each hand. One kinish bag the other soda. He walked the bays on the hottest of days and say "Heyyyyy, the hot kinises here..........Ice cold sodas! (then repeat) A nice guy and he worked these bays for many years. We who saw him year after year, remember him in fondness...........

Anonymous said...

The exact words were " eh da hot potato knishes here cold soda here "