Sunday, July 27, 2008

Return To Me: A KV Visit 7/26/08

Dino and Chris Isaak
Return to me
Oh my dear I am so lonely
Hurry back, hurry back
Oh my love hurry back
I am yours
Return to me
For my heart wants you only
Hurry home, hurry home
Won't you please hurry home
To my heart
My darling
If you hurt you, I am sorry
Forgive me
And please say you are mine
Return to me
Please come back bella mia
Hurry back, hurry home
To my arms, to my lips
And my arms
(Return to me)
Return to me
God te mia ti amo
Solo tu, solo tu
Solo tu, solo tu
Mi amour


larry said...

I just found this blog. My name is Larry Liebowitz. I lived in KV from 1945 thru 1972. My parents Harry and Rheba Liebowitz lived there from 1938 thru 1970. My father coached the LMRC little league team and was a founder member of the two bridges neighborhood council and the little league. I found picture of the LMRC team form 1959 and he was in it. I would like to know who's blog this is and how to contact them by email.


Sol Bellel said...

Your father is a hero to many of us from KV

write to