Monday, August 4, 2008

KV Chatter: Seltzertalk

Continued from previous post. Manhattan Special led to Hoffman Soda and the Seltzerman
What about Hoffman soda. Did any of you have "Seltzer Water" in the spritzer bottles delivered to your apt. along with other varieties of that "exquisite" Hoffman beverage?
You want to talk 'Hoffman'?
Here's my Hoffman story:
"The prettiest girl I ever saw, was sipping Hoffman through a straw.", wait a minute...I'm thinking of Joanne Hoffman...I went to college with her...she was very pretty, but I don't remember her drinking soda through a straw........never mind.

Hoffman's was good.  But how about White Rock with the beautiful fairy princess waiting on the rock to be rescued by none other.

Abe Berg was our seltzer man at KV
I seem to remember he brought Kirsch's soda

Forget the Kirsch's.  He brought the U-Bet.  That was before Fox had a bad name.  See what I'm saying here?

Visit Gimme Seltzer to learn everything you ever wanted to know about seltzer
Seltzer boy
Where are you hiding
If you don't come right now
I'm gon' tell you boss on you
Don't bring me water
I rather have seltzer
'Cause water don't bubble
And water don't fizz
Water I hate it
'Cause it ain't carbonated
But a glass of seltzer
On the other hand is
Don't bring me Pepsi
Don't bring me a Kool-Aid
Don't bring a malted
And don't bring me champagne
I'll tell you what boy
Bring me one scotch and soda
Then you'll take back the scotch, boy
And leave the 2 cents plain
Seltzer boy
When are you coming?
If don't bring that seltzer
I'm gon' tell Mister Meltzer on you
Seltzer boy
[Seltzer squirting]
That's better, could you put in a little chocolate sauce?

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